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Главная » 2016 » Декабрь » 29 » ​Perfect Couple
​Perfect Couple



Romantic story

on the establishment of extraordinary pair of bits,

as the basis for the binary system

It was so long ago, that was not even hackers.

Who was? Anyone and was not. So bitterly thought, beautiful figure on behalf of the unit. She was skinny and Petite. In its fragile soul raged huge fires.

Yes, it was a fire of hatred against girlfriends. All these three, eight and others were normal old virgins and zavistnicami. God, it would be so jealous-top. Six was best friend Nines. As she boasted that is so similar to the beauty of the whole system.

But nine, deep down, was also unhappy and hopelessly in love with zero. But it was zero? Just Zero is a charmer, let them run for zeroes minor figures.

It was chosen by himself, absolute zero. Zamete, through a letter u. Very mysterious and so cold that the right spirit intercepted.

With conventional zeros more fortunate our little heroine. All zeros swirled near it so close and were all so terribly alike. Well, none. They are on bust promised to marry and make it millionershej. As it was gone, link your life with a blank, and have even the same dummy.

Years have passed, people still used the decimal system, but as the very vulgar. Really used hands fingers where Nils, how could he not have been negligible, nobody mentioned.

Digit suffered even more from this unjust system. I'll save zero, I will create your world and it will be perfect. Our little girlfriend then don't guess what it will be and its hereby women's happiness.

So quite suddenly at the beginning of 30 years of the 20th century she marries a complete zero. Among all nonentities, it felt absolute zero was the void. He didn't even have a single gram of alcohol because it lacked and blood. Directly any graven image. And enjoyed absolute contempt among the remaining zeros. For many years she suffered and waited for her happiness, her love them enough for two.

They completely abandoned the remaining digits. In this world, so that it is on-this ideal must be just me and you.

Full zero was fascinated by her betrothed. Often whispering to her ear: "you are my only". Of course, proudly spoke of the fragile girlfriend, because there is simply no other digits in our world.

You're my Savior, proudly telling happy zero, I will never forget who saved me from eternal nothingness.

After a few years in new and closed for the rest of the digits, new figure and moved on. Every year more and more. He brought joy to people, and were proud of their consistency and uniqueness. Finally the little digit found their happiness, which was very close.

Her world has become so easy, beautiful and great. After all, most recently in her family has started prapravnuchek, the first Terabyte.

In this world, so that it is on-this perfect, should be the only Unit and my complete Zero, proudly repeated It.

11111011010 (2010) year


White pawn

In one of the drawers of an old table, lay a chessboard. It had before it the chess. They, like all the other cousins have been varnished, plastic, shiny, white and black, with the exception of only one chess piece.

Moreover, that was wooden, but in addition the boltlivoj figure, made by hands, a boy named Joe. When Joe was still so young and did not understand the purpose of this game, he often secretly from adults found chess board and entertaining figures, not realizing the value of each shape and the games in General. Once he's playing chess. and so carried away that one small white shape in Eclipse under a huge closet. All attempts to reach her were unsuccessful. Then the Vasya freaked out and no longer play chess. But for himself, gave the word, corrects its mistake and make the missing figure, which does not even know the name.

As time passed, Joe grew up and learned a lot, however, and fulfilled his promise. After the holidays, when, once again, had to part with forest beauty-young sosjonkoj. Vasya in memory about it, cut out with her trunk, once long ago, unknown for her figure-pawn. Vasya tried very hard and it turned out pretty cute pawn, which came to his girlfriends-checkerboard shapes.

The new situation and the enigmatic role that awaits the white pawn, strongly excited her. She didn't want to lie and silently wait for the hour of the game. Next lay the shapes they looked interesting and do not resemble each other. She asked the nearest shapes: "her name". Ta burknula reluctantly in response: "just like you". "Well, what's my name"-peresprosila with great interest yet pawn. "Your name" replied quietly Pawn is composed. "How wonderful it is!" shrieked wooden pawn. "And when thou ugomonish'sja, and will not interfere with the rest of the rest, look at you, though new and differ from the figures, but dumber everyone else"-he said, a figure that clearly exceed those sizes wooden pawn.

White, wooden pawn stopped. She was deeply hurt that failing to get into a new company, it already has such a bad reputation. Poor thing was silent and thought for a long time, but its in a small graceful golovushku anything worthwhile does not come. After 24 hours, she deigned to ask his neighbor-friend: "what it represents in this undiscovered world of chess.

"All our real life is a game, a very beautiful, exciting, magical, but you, wooden beauty, it plays a very little role"-slightly thought and with sadness replied composed. Us pawns is the largest, and therefore we defined in this game, lowest price and very small features that has always defined the strict laws of chess. You can only move one step forward, retreat is never allowed. And only at the very beginning of the game you can skip only one cell, beat an opponent can only left or right. And remember, at any point in the game, your fate has always solved without hesitation, unlike the other figures, standing in the first row near the King.

"Am I really this pathetic nonentity"-wooden sobbed bitterly pawn "and quite, quite mean nothing." Well why, sometimes, and you, in real life, i.e. chess game falls a chance. Thanks to the effort of a skilful player, can become a figure close to the King. In a big game like grinder, when little shapes, but you will be able to survive on the battlefield, then, for you among the happiest moments in your chess hard life. When you convey to beginning of field player opponent, a miracle will happen, which is the dream of all pawns in the world.

With a void, no known figures, become any stronger shape necessary to your host, and sometimes even in Queens.

Queen-the Queen of shapes, she awaits the biggest role of chess life, has a unique location, which she occupies near the King. But the most valuable for this figure, it's unlimited possibilities for movement. And still have a specific task as quickly as possible to limit all the possibilities of movement to the enemy King. Although it is said that a King and the King in Africa, but its fate is not enviable. All other shapes also wished to limit his movement. First, it relieves their shapes to supposedly protect and give the opportunity to move around once it fails, attack the wrong shape.

So the fate of pawns in something similar to a surprise on the fate of the King. The really bad that a lot of them, and nobody but King bad that only one and just want to get it, because the real Patsy, if you like beautiful cover and name.

Let our little wooden pawn will dream on, that it, at least once in chess life, can become the most independent figure-Queen, or more often at the end of the game to protect from a terrible accident, but Mata in the corners of your soul, the beloved white plastic King. (She piously believed that modern Queens, her King is absolutely not needed).

Gingerbread man or a love drama in three acts

Heroes are the same and the same poverty,

Grandmother, elderly lady with no interesting past. Grandfather, gentleman, seedy life and Addictions (alcohol, tobacco smoking and sex abuse outside the home).

Scene i. Without any hope of Love.

Lived-the grandfather and the grandmother.

If you believe the grandmother lives almost never happened.

Author's Note: maybe that's why our fairy-tale characters survive to old age.

In a not-so-beautiful day covered by wild horror moaned fairy grandmother: "whole life lived, and no children!

No less fabulous grandfather spit in a messy corner secret bitterly said: "while all sweetie, that without sex lived.

These words from mental flaws of discomfort, not costly wise grandfather.

Eh, was not was, said sweet grandmother, after gambling, read books. "Children still will not, though the rest of his life will be dedicated to love.

And the elderly are not spared himself. The worst thing got old gentleman.

The elderly lady tailsja such a huge reserve of misspent not love and sex that elderly spouse too soon realized the gravity of his is not an enviable position. The only noble thought teshila sore from big love heart: "though Lastly years turned out to be a loving husband, but is closely scrutinizing the happy from sudden joyful experiences eyes old grehovodnik saw Grandma.

Scene II. Love commits a miracle.

Very attractive, beautiful woman with love staring at his grandfather. After another is not a prolonged battle in the name of love, the grandfather represented with horror that this time might be the last. Forces leaving, as in his youth, he left young girls. They cursed him and nicknamed Kolobok. He suddenly realized his whole life lived and spoke the conscience.

She demanded from him to tell the truth to his wife.

Scene III. Love requires sacrifice.

The fate smiled at the old hero. His former old woman with the greatest tenderness and awe indicated that it would soon become a mother. And instead of the whole truth, he gave his lover a few minutes late. He died a man.

Perhaps the first death Bun didn't become a tragedy for his wife.

Kolobok has once again gone now and forever.

Chocolate cat

This story is amusing in itself. But I want to equalize opportunities. If there is a chocolate bunny, why not create a chocolate cat?

Warm summer 2000 years has contributed to one of the residents, regional centers of Ukraine, visit the Café. The boss of this sweet institution decides to trade in the great outdoors, where whole crowds wandering people and not suspecting anything on there pirozhin, cakes, pies, doughnuts and other sweets.

The girl from the Café became near trays and start trading briskly. I would like to mention one important detail in upcoming events. The café was located in devjatijetazhke. Don't think what sake. The occupants of this House were almost exemplary citizens of a reasonable obrazcovosti.

But here the comrades say inhuman interfered blatantly factor. Correctly think citizens cat factor.

In it, so say a joyous time for workers in cafes, was not a very happy event for one of the Siberian cat with a gentle Kotjunja name. He ditched an important document. Though not intentionally, and by mental weakness. He loved his master. Because the toilet was closed, he had several options for pomochitsja. In a vase or something quite unnecessary. Maybe no one will notice. This proved to be unnecessary documents, over which almost worked the whole night hostess. You can imagine the horrors and consequences. Cat Kotjunja turned 3 on the balcony floor and not only obozlennyj at all.

He sweetly asleep on the balcony and retaliation, waking up, decided to sprjatatsja on the balcony of neighbours. Who could imagine kotjachee heart, who could be in the shoes of Kotjuni. He had night stress. And after such stress, he fumbled. The fate of that day not smiled Kotjuni, and many more continued to scoff. He sryvaet'sja with height of 3 storeys and as all style cakes and Gastello cakes ponjavshej nothing, young saleswomen. Kotjunja ended up in a horrible cream and chocolate condition. HE quietly cried out and ran into the bushes.

At this time, the girl turned on their trays. Eyes filled with horror, met with the eyes of the boss. In those eyes of horror was not. She screamed as though it was shot with a very short distance straight to the heart: "who's the boss of this animal?"

Girl-saleswoman madly staring at FOCA and trays, where quite recently were cakes. The Creek ran all the neighbors, including a neighbor of the ill-fated. Having dealt with the situation of it authoritatively stated that in his apartment cats never had. And left the room.

At that time, the true owner of the cat, using already twilight, covertly pulling oshalevshogo from Kotjunju and took him home. The cry came running police and an employee of a local newspaper.

The onslaught of night, long in the air echoed with neighbors workers Café, policemen together newspaper employees who searched for the cat and other ... Everyone was wondering who the owner of the cat and where cat.

Kotjunja was brutally washed in the bathtub and tucked away in the country from possible reprisals.

Kotjunja has the right to be presumed chocolate cat, because vymyvali it with chocolate and cream, it's just hard to convey in words and is a separate story.


Commandant Of Riga

What an unusual time and in such an unusual place this story took place. Now remember these events with a smile and easy irony. What was the name of the Commandant, can't remember simply comrade Colonel.

All his closest habits resemble one, though not a Colonel, and a better clown Russia at the end of the 21 century and beginning of the 20-V.v. Zhirinovsky. And then it wasn't funny when zastupali in guard or patrol in Riga.

And so all on-order. The first obstacle course, checking the appearance Usually inspect the aides Commandant: Captain, major, Lieutenant-Colonel.

Lieutenant Colonel most ripe, usually without problems, lets go after passing between ranks. On seeing smoke amusing scene. Mayor sits in the new zhigulenke, and Captain tells him how to properly back up and twisted in one direction or another a few minutes later, mayor hits the far wall lying commandants. matjuki Audible and laughter ulybajut'sja officers, Captain but immediately take a very strict view.

The second obstacle course-coaching and test your knowledge. With a heavy heart we come into the room. Lieutenant Colonel who then explains that the Commandant had already I feel relieved, dneval'nomu for vague command vlupil 10 days of arrest. Go sit down at tables in the hope that today nobody will. Carefully read the article, God forbid, will Commandant and see that someone does not read. Here is generally very important tactic, did not look into the eyes of the Commandant, but really listen carefully.

Gone over the top of the Charter , threw a quick glance, sentiment in Commandant heinous. Should command "comrades officers!

All quickly jump. Colonel carelessly tossed a glance at the officers. And glared with interest their muddy whether from insomnia, or from permanent drunkenness, eyes, the young lieutenant.

After a few questions, was established. Lieutenant, click submit when entering the senior officer is not able to, the Charter does not know brazenly behaved. Turns out he does not even know how many should be the length of the white threads. Usually two threads: black and white (green) must be in the CAP or hat. These "friendly" knowledge for comrade Colonel costly letenantu. How is a Lieutenant, knows no such elementary things that thread with the needle must be size from 80 to 120 millimeters.

The audacity of Lieutenant probably was that nothing is absolutely not afraid and looking brazen in the eyes of the Commandant. As a result, 10 days of arrest on behalf of the Chief of the garrison in the future, there is the impression that the Commandant: favorite number and "digit" -10.

The third band of obstacles. The divorce was questioned, due to what only uniform violations, you could make a comment soldier in dismissal, and not take it in the Commander's Office. Here patrol officers were at an altitude of. The correct answer is: only the absence of Komsomol icon if the soldier is not Komsomol ticket w a.

A particularly important task has received in the form of Captain naval aviation. Honestly say he disliked all the soul pilots, name-calling of their Stalin falcons and constantly finding fault to appearance. But officers in the marine form, it probably was afraid because they do not know how to find fault with their "rail-road".

The task was a trail u the future, stand next to the clock and watch the thermometer. If the ambient temperature is less than 20 degrees, officers and warrant officers for boating in the shirt with epaulettes, which take in the Commander's Office.

Especially important was underlined twice, pick up the officers and warrant officers in the Commander's Office, who go with packages. Then they only were fashion and sold usually Gypsies.

Then casually as something not to-komendatski were told that morning on divorce (typically at the bus station), will check the order of the Minister of defence, dismissing the Pagonya sprockets for senior lieutenants on 10 mm. As it is here favorite "figure" Commandant?

It's just a coincidence companions. Nothing being said horrible, as Defense Minister once was just as Colonel. When the night, handed over weapons before bedtime, boasted one of our good friend. Commandant Pier, my countryman from one village in Ukraine, in Zhytomyr Oblast. He is a cool guy and his countrymen not to offend.

So that, instead of vyspitsja, altering stars on the shoulder straps. Type at all afraid of him, it is only in the Commandant's Office-he's a real beast.

In the morning we arrive by bus at the bus terminal. On location at stop, joyfully worth Commandant with a ruler in her hand gently Sings a song. how many mm the Pagonya, so much days on the lip.

Fear gripped almost all, nobody knows what not the error between the rulers of the Commandant and the individual officer.

"Everything worked out smoothly and quickly. Countryman so courageous that he decided to go first to the fitting of asterisks. After a quick measurement, countryman got so favorite heart of Colonel, 10 days of lips and the Commandant immediately went with him in the Commander's Office.

Somehow not beautiful happened, one patrol, because countryman only two days ago was a wedding..

The father's love

. When the family comes great grief, that it's hard to believe, it has always seemed far away and with you and your family will never happen. I'm sure such quality in male virility is that in case of trouble, it must be strong. In order to have enough love in my heart for the transfer of its children or very close people. This love, which has huge energy preserves, capable to save a loved one. My youngest daughter, Natasha, fall from a window on the third floor, caught only a cloak for the visor. Then the cloak and hood saved her life, have softened the blow of her head on the asphalt. All poplylo before my eyes. «Natasha broke, this desperate cry older daughter hear so far, although 6 years have passed. In the waiting room of the Hospital recorded all of the trouble occurred, and all of a sudden moment vomited, darkened face. Circle of confusion, panic began yelling at the doctor on duty, who agreed to take the child. Summoned a doctor from another hospital, what a joy that was second to this Doctor, how much depends on the case. The child was taken to the intensive care unit. In memory of that terrible night remained sad face Doctor and surprisingly bright light on 6 floor of the hospital. In the morning, tired voice on the phone will answer: "critical condition was about 4:00 am not worse. What another doctor, met us in the hallway, sympathetically said that our daughter's chances are very little, you need to be prepared for the worst. Hardly tell the wife and I promise her that immediately sees the child alive. The next day my mother allowed the Chamber to Natasha. Goes, crying: "Alive, handles and legs tied to a crib, all yellow, continuously spinning and screaming until nobody learns. Caused the head physician, you should donate blood, told the guys in the military, offered eleven volunteers instead of seven. Remember, some joyous ecstasy, when donated blood. Wanted to rent it as much as possible, like a small particle of genuine warmth loving heart. Remembering all men, donors daughter, my soul is filled with pleasant sense of joy. Eight infinitely long days was daughter stranded between life and death. The feeling of guilt to our children will never leave us parents if our children are unhappy.

Then, after this nightmare, when Natasha does not listen, I tell her: "I DON'T LOVE YOU", she answers without hesitation: papulechka you do not cheat, because you love me, because crying badly I cried, when I was in the hospital, and all allowed. Yes, parents need children, but only watch woes really their notice. Suddenly summoned a doctor and these are welcome words: "your daughter is already better, can bring food. 3 minute granted permission to see his daughter. Asked at his zhenushke visit the daughter. Change my clothes all in white, quickly go for the nurse. Large, bright and in the middle of one cot. Daughter changed very slightly lichen'ko lost zarumjanilos'. She looks at me for a long time, exploring. These native glazenki peer, penetrate directly into the heart, and all of a sudden it vskrikivaet: Daddy, my Daddy, trying to go up and hug. Somehow suddenly tears, tears of sincere joy of the happiest father in the world. After all, the worst behind, so I did not cry, even since childhood. Finally this enormous gravity that Davila my soul all such infinitely long eight days and nights, gone. The doctor came and withdraws from the Chamber, something angrily muttering. I listen to it, trying to understand, quite agree. Yes I am really a man. But I'm still very much a father who loves his dear Natulechku, my native Sun, my sweet gherkin, my gentle bird, my little bunny, little hostess, my affectionate daughter, my most important judge, my conscience. When tears came to the House, the wife was disturbed by it, I have it at hand, that's all good, we quick to leave. Through the 3 days she was transferred to the ICU in neurosurgery. There, together with his mother Natasha began to rebound: back talk, laugh, walk, run, dance and pakostnichat' again. With the father's love is the greatest feeling for a man. The feeling of love is very hard to explain fully, even if you use the heartfelt words. But love has absolutely no need of words. Love is the desire to share your state of mind. That's the beauty of the soul. Opportunity during the entire life, despite all the problems, weaknesses, animal instincts, keep the good, great, that in human Onchocerca from mom (or very close to the spirit of the person). This internal battery person will help in any situation, vital to prevent trouble.




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