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Главная » 2017 » Январь » 27 » The dream of my eldest daughter
The dream of my eldest daughter

Dear Mr. Barak Obama.

The reason for this letter become a dream of my eldest daughter. When she was only a 5 years old, she looked at me and asked: "Daddy, why I was not born in the United States".

Then there was a hard years for the USSR (1990). We lived in Latvia, Riga, the problems surrounding all the solid wall. Products started to disappear from the shelves of food stores, the life rose in price every day, began a problems with living in this country, because our homeland with wife – the Ukraine. We were very young and believed that this difficulties is temporary, that country will be strong again and become enable for citizens to live happily and in Well-being .

Years have passed, and did not become the USSR (Soviet Union), has not increased the welfare and happiness.  So already, since 1991 year we live in a country, where we were born - in Ukraine. My daughters grew up, the eldest – Alena, 28 years old, and the youngest – Natasha, 24  years old.

The eldest daughter has married, but all this years she lived with her childhood dream - to live in the United States.

She lives in Zhitomir and collect the money to become motherA long time she was afraid to give birth, ot looking on that she married more than 5 years. As usual the problem is accumulate money in Ukraine, it’s very difficult for young families, which livin small cities (villages). Her joint family budget is3700 UAH, it’s about 350 dollars a month.

At first inflation and very hard economic situation in Ukraine resulted in that daughter has desperately declared: «At least my child has a right forhappiness, and he should be born at the USA and become the citizen of that country where I dreamed to live.

She dreams to give birth to her child in the United States about in October – November, 2014.

Dear Mr president as a father, I know that you have two wonderful daughters, I hope that you are understand me.

I read at the Internet that the United States has a very good program – “Medicare Program”.

Answer please does my daughter has a chance to fly in the USA and to give birth there free-of-charge, at least her child  become a citizen of the United States.


With kind regards,  Tsokol Sergey.

The letter was sent April 4, 2014, since then, much has changed, the eldest daughter is not yet a mother, the family budget is $ 150, and the payment for an apartment $ 100, now former US President, Mr. Barack Obama, has not responded to the letter . The desire to go to the United States has not changed.

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